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Lake Michigan/Huron (one lake for lake level purposes) is down 3″ in the last month. It’s still 2″ higher than it was last September and 33″ above the September average level. The lake is 1″ below the record average September level set in 1986. It’s now unlikely that we’ll surpass the all-time record high water level that was set in October 1986. Read more

Paige and Darren Riopelle moved into their newly renovated Grand Haven, Mich., home in 2018, looking forward to roaming the beach of their property with their bulldog mix, Annie.
Two years later, feet and paws have yet to hit the sand. Read more

Q: Why are Great Lakes water levels so high?
It’s natural for the Great Lakes to rise and fall over time, but the lakes are currently experiencing a period of record-high water levels. The Midwest has experienced extreme rain and wet conditions over the past few years. And the pattern has continued, with water levels expected to stay high in the coming months. Read more