In Southwest Michigan, you are never far from Lake Michigan’s miles of soft-sandy beaches. From Bridgman to St. Joseph/ Benton Harbor and north on M-63, you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here is the change of scenery...the change of pace...the time in paradise that you and your loved ones need right now and to return to every season.

Yes, it is true. Lake Michigan’s waters are higher and our beaches are narrower right now. But there is still plenty of space for you. There are towering dunes to climb. Sand to play in. And waves to watch as they gently ripple and curl, turn mirror-still or ferociously roar into shore depending on the moment you are there.

But what is really magical about Southwest Michigan beaches is the sand. Shhh. Listen as it sings beneath each footstep. It’s like holding a seashell to your ear only better.

Spend time on our beaches. Stay until the setting sun paints the horizon and the glimmering stars pierce the night sky. It is a sacred moment every evening that is so spellbinding, the silence is broken only by the songs of the waves and the sand.


When you have questions or want the latest information about beach conditions, things to do in the area or help with your beach property concerns, reach out here.